At Helena Endodontics, We value our patients' experience. Read correspondence we have received below from patients following treatment.

  • ""Dr. Lybbert, I can't thank you enough for providing the most wonderful care! I literally never felt a thing. From the numbing shot, to the very end, I was completely comfortable and pain free. I appreciated the care and respect I was given as the patient and how you and your assistant interacted and worked so well together. I'm happy to have been in your care. Thank you for all you did to make my root canal a breeze!"
  • "Helena Endodontics has been a great experience. Everyone is so friendly and helpful."
  • "Dr. Lybbert is amazingly talented, and I have complete trust in his expertise and ability. Who knew a root canal could be almost entirely painless - including the numbing shots! This is a very professional, well-run office with a rockstar staff that fully compliments Dr. Lybbert's expertise. I would highly recommend Dr. Lybbert and his staff to anyone, anytime."
  • "I was in such pain with this tooth that had been hurting me for almost two months and when I walked into Dr. Lybberts office for a consultation, my tooth was very inflamed and hurting into my ear, face, and throat. Dr. Lybbert agreed to work overtime to work me in later in the day to complete a much needed root canal and I am very grateful to him and his assistant Mekell ! I was amazed I had no pain even as the Novocaine wore off! Thanks so much for taking such great care of me!"
  • "Dr. Lybbert, Despite my profound fear of dentists, you did not hurt me one bit and I feel 100% better. I can't thank you enough for being so kind, and for taking the time and effort to make my root canal so relaxing and pain free. Thank you so much for explaining everything to me and for making sure I was fully informed so I could make the best decisions about my teeth. You have such a nice office and being able to watch TV while you worked on me helped me relax so much. Thank you for eliminating my fear!!!"
  • "Thank you so much for the great quality of care that you offered me during my root canal. I was so grateful for you coming in on Easter weekend to help relieve my pain. I couldn't believe how accommodating you were, and I want to thank you for taking such great care of me and for the wonderful experience it was"
  • "Dr. Lybbert, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your ability to relieve my anxiety over my procedure, and for the skill with which you accomplished it. The follow up phone call that night to check in on me was so appreciated and very special. All is going well. Thank you for saving my tooth. It feels great"
  • "Dr. Lybbert, I am extremely happy to have you here in Helena. I felt so much better upon leaving your office that I can't thank you enough. You & your staff were incredible working on my tooth! I was so impressed with your high tech equipment, which I know helped make the procedure painless. It was a great experience and I can't thank you enough for your gentle demeanor"
  • "I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for the root canal that you did on me. Your service and professionalism were outstanding! The procedure eliminated the dental pain I have experienced for the last couple of years. Thank you again to you, your staff, and for everything you have done for me"
  • "Thank you so much for the time you spent with me and for caring so much for me during my root canal"
  • "Thank you for making my root canal experience such a relaxing one due to your expertise, efficiency and incredible chairside manner. High recommendations all the way around!!! Yahoo!"
  • "Thank you Dr. Lybbert for working me in the same day so quickly during your busy schedule, to make sure I was taken care of and my pain was relieved. I greatly appreciate your generosity. You are a very kind man and wonderful dentist"
  • "Dr. Lybbert, I cannot express enough how grateful I am for your kindness and for not charging me for any exams or additional xrays I received at your office. I greatly appreciate your time and effort saving my tooth. I will never forget the kindness you extended to me during my visit to your office"
  • "Thank you so much for the great experience I had at your office. You all made it relaxing to have my root canal and I can't tell you enough how much it meant to me. Hopefully I won't see you soon, but if I need another root canal I know exactly where I am coming"
  • "Dr. Lybbert, Thanks for taking such good care of me. My swelling instantly went down after you worked on me. Congratulations on such a professional, outstanding staff also. You all cared so much that I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Huge Thanks! I greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity. I was so impressed during my visit to see you"
  • "Dr. Lybbert, I can't thank you enough for providing me with the most wonderful care ever. When I found myself needing my first root canal I was extremely nervous, however thanks to you, I never felt a thing. From the anesthetic to the very end, I was completely comfortable and pain free. I greatly appreciated the respect and care I was given. I'm happy to have been in your care for a day, and can't thank you enough for making my root canal a breeze!"